Those Accusations of Hypocrisy

Don’t you just love this?


Or this?


Or this?


If you’re pro-choice you probably love them because they get a bunch of likes and shares and  people condescendingly (and metaphorically) shouting  about “hypocrites” and “pro-birth” and “I don’t see them lining up to adopt kids” and whatnot.

If you’re pro-life you probably love them because you know they can be deconstructed and debunked fairly easily. You just have to stop beating your head against your keyboard. Seriously, stop that now.

The message boils down to this: If you care about unborn babies but not about women/refugees/foster children/fill-in-the-blank then you’re a hypocrite/not pro-life/not sincere.

Logical fallacies can be fun. Let’s try a few:

If you say you care about fine arts in school and do a fundraiser for the drama program but not the band then you’re a hypocrite.

If you say you hate cancer and you walk to raise funds for breast cancer research but not colon cancer reasearch then you should just keep quiet. Hypocrite.

If you say you’re against animal cruelty but haven’t adopted at least 11 dogs from your local shelter –  from EACH local shelter -then you don’t REALLY care about dogs. And don’t even get me started on cats. Hypocrite.

If you want to help refugees, then you must not care about veterans.

If you are against The Wall but don’t foster children, then you can’t pretend you care about people.

Fun, see?

But let’s get back to this topic:


I can play, too:


Or we could try logic and conversation.

First of all, these superclever pro-choice arguments are just not true.

I am pro-life and I support feeding the hungry, helping refugees, supporting foster and adoptive families, and assisting mothers facing unplanned pregnancies. I regularly take actual practical steps (i.e. steps beyond social media rants) to help all of these causes.

Other pro-life people I know help too. Maybe not in the same way you would, and that’s okay. Maybe they don’t take food-drive donation selfies to put on Facebook. They’re probably not allowed to share pictures of their foster children. But in my personal experience, most care about women (most ARE women), about children even after they are born, and about humans in general.

And beyond my personal experience?

Well, the Catholic Church is consistently and unequivocably pro-life.  Catholic Charities  ranks in the top 5 charities in the US. And that’s only one of many Catholic aid organizations. And that’s only in the US. And that’s only from what can be measured, as each diocese has different organizations and some aren’t even clearly identified as Catholic. Four billion dollars a year in aid is a conservative estimate. And that’s only the Catholic church and doesn’t take into consideration the aid provided by other Christian churches throughout the country.

Pro-life pregnancy centers exist for the very purpose of helping women facing unplanned pregnancies. That’s basically their raison d’être, to help women in a variety of ways so that they stop thinking abortion is their only optionAnd what’s more, they don’t receive government funding (ahem), which means they are put together and run by a bunch of pro-life people who volunteer time or financial resources to run them. People who care.

Families waiting to adopt currently outnumber babies placed for adoption.

But Republicans!

Yes, those pesky Republicans. There never seems to be a party for the truly pro-life if you think of one party as increasing supply for abortion and one as increasing demand. Surely I am not the only one who finds herself caught between a rock an a hard place (or between a rock and a swirling vortex of terror) in the voting booth. Yes, the Republican platform is pro-life. It also is generally more opposed to government assistance for the poor. Government assistance. Actually, people residing in traditionally red states are statistically more charitable in supporting communities through churches, food banks, and those pro-life centers mentioned above. You can’t accuse people of not caring just because they may care differently than you do. And in any case, not everyone who is pro-life identifies as a Republican. I don’t.

So, firstly, those arguments are demonstrably false, and logically flawed ad hominem attacks.

Secondly, and importantly, it DOESN’T MATTER. Where pro-life/anti-abortion people stand on other issues does not change the morality of abortion.  Would you stop a fireman from saving a child from a burning building just to first make sure he’s willing to adopt that child? Even if he doesn’t give one tiny rat’s backside about what happens to that child afterwards, saving the child is still the right choice.


Unborn babies are alive, and human, and it is never wrong to fight to protect them. It doesn’t matter what other programs you support, or how many children you have fostered or will adopt or if you’re religious or an atheist or if you’re a man or a woman or white or black or gay or straight or young or old. . It doesn’t matter because some things are moral absolutes and the killing of an innocent child is one of these things that is absolutely wrong. Not that black and white? Maybe. But I am literally betting my soul that it is.


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